Hogs....down in the bog!

Hogs....down in the bog!

February 24, 2011

Welcome to the blog!

I was inspired to start this blog by two acquaintances in my life. The first was an old friend from high school, who I have since lost touch with, but who started a blog about her daughter's first year. The second is through a friend of a friend who started a blog about newlywed life. Both inspired me. For a while now I have been working on a compilation of stories that detail my experiences hunting. I decided to turn them into a blog. I don't know whether you will learn any tips and tricks for harvesting a monster buck, but hopefully you will enjoy a good laugh.

I suppose I should begin by giving you a little background information about me. I grew up in a New Jersey suburb with my parents, neither of which were current hunters. My father had done some hunting when he was younger and my mother's father and brother were hunters, but hunting was not a part of my life. In fact, I had stated on more than one occasion that I would never, ever, hunt. I was not one of those overzealous protesters by any means, but hunting just wasn't for me. Growing up, the closest I ever got to harvesting a deer was when my father narrowly missed hitting one with his car on the way home from a restaurant. I was content to spend a Saturday in the mall hunting a good sale, not a monster buck. And the thought of having to sit still and be quiet for more than two minutes was an impossible dream. Do not even get me started on the fact that you weren't supposed to text while hunting. I grew up playing field hockey, tennis and dancing. I was your typical teenage girl; obsessed with friends, boys and shopping. I moved to Pennsylvania to attend college, and planned to return to "civilization" once I graduated. Amazing how plans change. I decided to stay in the Lebanon area, and that's when I met Josh, my fiance, and now hunting teacher and guide. He is where my story really begins.

When I met Josh, he made it very clear to me that hunting was a part of his life. I didn't have to go along, but it was a non-negotiable. That was fine with me. It gave me quite a few weekends to myself during the fall, and some much needed time to meet up with friends. It was probably two years before Josh convinced me to go hunting with him. By hunting, I mean videotaping. While the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn didn't exactly appeal to me (I love to sleep), I was beginning to get curious about what he was doing in the woods for all those hours. I was about to find out...

                                        This is me and my amazing fiance/hunting guide Josh.
                                            (Photograph courtesy of the amazing Joy Moody)

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  1. I see a new reality show in making. Make sure Josh keeps all the video footage. Some might need editing. I like it!