Hogs....down in the bog!

Hogs....down in the bog!

April 8, 2011

Top 10 Weekend: Hunting with Josh

I am dedicating this week's Top 10 list to Josh because he is the reason I started hunting to begin with. I wouldn't be doing any of this without him, and I definitely wouldn't have any nearly as many incredible experiences to write about.

1. He keeps my licorice supply well stocked. I'm sure you are all sick of hearing about my favorite snack, but this week alone he brought me FIVE bags from his dad. Joe gets some credit for this one too :o)

2. He does the laundry. While I do our everyday laundry, Josh has taken over the task of making sure our hunting clothes are clean and scent free. Although sometimes he forgets to shake them out first and I find dirt clumps left in the washer/dryer, which then leads to me needing to clean the washer. That of course adds one more thing to my list of chores, but I digress-he tries to help and I appreciate it.

3. He packs my bag. Without him, I would have left on many hunts without something imperative. Case in point-we were in SC and I had forgotten my lucky hat. I was devastated, but he had remembered to throw an extra one in for me. We are getting ready to head to SC again this weekend for some spring turkey/hog hunting and he had my turkey vest all loaded up and ready to go for me. He is the best! (Somehow he managed to forget my super new hog calls-don't worry I threw them in my carry-on.)

4. He carries the heavy stuff. The bonus to hunting with a boy is that he carries the guns when they get too heavy, the backpack which is loaded down with "necessities," all the camera stuff, and still manages to walk faster than me to the tree stand.

5. He does the calling. After three years I still sound like a dying animal when I try to turkey call, useful when hunting coyotes, not useful when hunting turkeys. Last year Josh called in a turkey no more than five feet away from us. It was incredible! The one time he let me try a grunt call I started laughing so hard that I couldn't get a squeak out, so without him I am lost. Although, I think I will be in charge of these hog calls-he hasn't practiced nearly as much as I have.

6. He makes sure I am awake. 4:00AM is pretty early, and I have a bad habit of snoozing my way through my alarm. Without him I would have missed many morning hunting opportunities.

7. He is my faithful videographer. Since I have started hunting, Josh has sacrificed his hunts to videotape me in the stand. I always feel badly that when we hunt, it's really me hunting. He continues to say that he is more excited to watch me hunting then to go by himself, but I still feel badly sometimes. Maybe I'll let him shoot the first hog this weekend.....maybe.

8. He is super supportive. I can honestly say that Josh is my number one fan and supporter. He backs me up on everything I do, or want to do. He doesn't make fun of me when I start crying in the stand because it is too high (though I get heck about it later on), he is willing to take the second shot when I get scared that my hog won't stop moving (though again I get heck later on), and he is so proud when I manage to harvest something. He is the best cheerleader!

9. He keeps me entertained. He will refuse to admit this if anyone asks, but when the animals aren't moving and I start to get antsy, he plays "rock, paper, scissors" with me to pass the time. He loves to tell me old hunting stories while we wait, and he is always up for letting me play with the video camera in the stand. He is also pretty good at remembering to bring me some snacks to keep me quiet.

10. My absolute favorite thing about hunting with Josh is that we get to spend uninterrupted time together. I am guaranteed that no mater what, I have his undivided attention. We have had some of our best talks in stands and blinds, and I look forward to many more.

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