Hogs....down in the bog!

Hogs....down in the bog!

July 14, 2011


We had another great weekend at the cabin! Josh and I are so blessed to live so close to our family, and to be able to spend tons of time with them. We definitely operate under the "family comes first" belief, and this weekend was a perfect example of spending some amazing quality time with everyone. Luckily for us our nephew, Cody, was in town from Texas, and he was at the cabin this weekend also. He is almost five and loves every second of hanging out with his uncles. Josh and Jarrid love to roughhouse and torment him, but Cody loves it and keeps coming back for more. The highlights for the little man this weekend were: riding in the ranger and swimming in the pond. I will preface this by saying the pond is a disgusting mess of dirty brown water, teeming with catfish, snakes, and probably a million other creatures that I do not wish to know about. It was basically a four year old (and thirty year old) boy's dream!

Cody also loved feeding Jarrid's deer, and I was lucky enough to capture some of it on video. The babies are down to being bottle fed only twice a day (down from five times a day), so that leaves some more time for fun!

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