Hogs....down in the bog!

Hogs....down in the bog!

March 25, 2011

Top 10 Weekend: Fashion

Alright ladies, spring is officially here, and that means time for some new spring clothes! Gentlemen, feel free to take some notes for gifts. Last spring Michael Kors did a line of camouflage clothing, shoes, purses and accessories. Even though I couldn't afford it, I thought it was brilliant! Don't shy away non-hunters. Pair some of these with a white t-shirt and cute flip flops for an adorable look. Here are some great camouflage options, all found at Cabela's (most clothing items are She Safari).
These camo pants are from She Safari and are a great for women.
Great shirt for turkey hunting or hunting anywhere that is a little warmer. Great for layering!
These gloves are great because they have the mitten over top for added warmth, but you are sacrificing finger coverage.
I actually own these pants, thanks Jarrid, and LOVE them. Super comfy and great for shed hunting because they are so lightweight.
Great belt to go with those pants. 

This is another jacket that is cut for women. Love it!
Super cute vest from She Safari. Perfect for layering or for when it is a little warmer.
I probably have a million flannel/plaid shirts, but the button detail on this one is adorable.
Summer is coming!!
All I can say is I am ready for my honeymoon :o)

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  1. I do need to stock up for Africa.... you've inspired me to get the ball rolling. :P