Hogs....down in the bog!

Hogs....down in the bog!

March 3, 2011

Top 10 Weekend: Hunting Down South

This weekend's Top 10 list encompasses my love for hunting down South.

1. Lester's BBQ. If you ever manage to stumble across this unassuming restaurant, EAT THERE! It is the most delicious food that I have ever eaten in my entire life. Nothing is labeled, but just trust that whatever it is is incredible. Not to mention the fact that you cannot beat a buffet for less than $10. Recommendation: skip the salad and have extra helpings of the sweet potato bread-it is life changing.

2. HOGS! I know they destroy crops and are horribly mean creatures, but they are also super cool looking and delicious. They are my number one favorite animal to hunt. I am hoping to return on my next trip with an Oreo hog (black and white speckled). If you are interested in hog hunting, or just love hunting shows, you MUST check out Hogs Gone Wild on the Discovery Channel. This is one of the craziest shows I have ever seen.

3. Platform stands. I am super psyched about not having to climb twenty feet in the air to sit on a 2x2 seat with only a rope keeping me from falling to my death. No sir, I could lay down and nap (or tap dance) in these stands if I wanted to.

4. No cell phone service for Josh. This is the only time when that stinking Blackberry of his is not going off constantly. I do understand that work is important, but it is nice to sleep through the night without having people yelling through direct connect. Thank you Nextel for having zero towers near the property.

5. Warm weather. It is generally warmer down there than in PA, so I feel like I am headed somewhere tropical when we hunt down there. So go ahead and leave the heavy hunting boots, pants, jackets, and layers of Under Armor at home. If you are sitting in direct sunlight in the afternoon, put a pair of shorts on underneath your pants in case you need to strip down. Just trust me on this one.

6. Green apple licorice. Those that know me, and hunt with me, know that no trip is complete with out a few bags of green apple licorice. South Carolina is no exception. I have been known to go through five bags on a four day hunt.

7. Chick-fil-A on the way. Every trip down South starts with a Chick-fil-A stop in Maryland. Yummmm! I recommend taking an order of their chicken nuggets to go, so that as you get hungry on your drive you have a snack. They are just as delicious cold as they are hot.

8. Waffle House on the way home. I can usually convince Josh to stop at my all time favorite breakfast place on our way home. Especially if it is my turn to drive. Special thank you to the Big Man for giving me a gift certificate at Christmas two years ago. It went to good use!

(If you couldn't tell, I love food)

9. Deer season is open from August through January. Much longer than in PA, and who doesn't love a longer season? My day job allows me to have time off during August, so it is great that I can take advantage of a deer season that opens early.

10. The amazing memories we have made down there. South Carolina was the first hunting trip I ever went on, it was where I harvested my first hog and it was where I shot my first buck. The memories that you make at a place are often times the best part of a trip. On any given day you are not guaranteed that you will even see the animal you are after, let alone be able to harvest it, but you are guaranteed that you will make some amazing memories with the people you love.
This was the first hog from SC!

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